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"My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there."

- Rumi (via but-first-wine)

(Source: observando, via hippiesincorporated)

"People give flowers as present because flowers contain true meaning of love. Anyone who tries to posses a flower will have to watch its beauty fading. But if you simply look at a flower in the field, you’ll keep it forever.
That is what the forest taught me. That you will never be mine, and that is why i will never lose you."

- Paulo Coelho (via purplebuddhaproject)


Let Go


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"This is a very similar angle and set up to a photo I shot a few years ago that was awarded Photo of the Year by SURFER. This was actually taken two years later and it really depicts just how varied nature can be. You have the heaving tube with Kalani Chapman, the double rainbow, the mountains, and the rain. They’re all lined up and working together." Photo: Noyle

"I stopped looking for the light. Decided to become it instead."

- Francheska, of 'Hey Fran Hey'  (via happyasatree)

(Source: basedjane, via happyasatree)

Collab: Reflection by NerielMi